Take a moment to explore our several giving options, each with its own unique features and benefits. The Donor Advised Fund is the most popular for individuals and families. The Charity Advised Account is specifically for charitable organizations.

Would you like the benefits of a private foundation without the costs of setting up one? Would you like to get an immediate tax deduction and incur no capital gains tax? Would you like to take advantage of the most popular giving option we offer?

Look at our Donor Advised Fund

Are you looking to defray some estate taxes while helping your favorite charity? Would you like to take an immediate partial tax deduction at the time you make your contribution ... all while providing yourself with a lifetime of income?

View our Pooled Income Fund

Are you looking for steady income in addition to supporting your charities? Would you like to enjoy a benefit not typically found with traditional gift annuities – the ability to change your mind about the ultimate charitable beneficiary?

Consider our Charitable
Gift Annuity

Are you a charitable organization seeking foundation alternatives? Would you like us to establish an endowment fund in your organization’s name, professionally manage and invest contributions, and protect the interests of your organization?

See our Charity
Advised Account

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