Raymond James Charitable Endowment Pooled Income Fund

Our pooled income funds simplifiy giving by helping you set aside money for charity, avoid capital gains taxes on the appreciated assets and take an immediate partial tax deduction at the time you make your contribution ... all while providing you with a lifetime of income.

How does a pooled income fund work?

With a pooled income fund, we invest the money for you, with a focus on producing income while protecting the principal value of the account for charity. You may name up to two income beneficiaries to receive the lifetime of income that your gift will generate. You can name yourself and another person, or you can designate two people other than yourself.

Upon the death of the last income beneficiary, the principal goes to the charity of your choice or may be used to establish a donor advised fund to pay to one or more charities over time.

A pooled income fund is very similar to a charitable remainder trust in that both are irrevocable and provide similar tax benefits. The major difference between them is that the income from a pooled income fund will vary over time as interest rates change.

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What are the benefits?

  • A lifetime of income for two beneficiaries you name (one can be you)
  • Protects the principal value for charity
  • No startup costs
  • An attorney is not needed

To learn more, talk to your Raymond James financial advisor. We recommend you work with your advisor alongside your legal and tax professionals to coordinate the most appropriate charitable solution for your situation.