Frequently asked questions

How much income will I receive?
That depends on market conditions. The Raymond James Pooled Income Funds will distribute to the income beneficiary 100% of the interest, dividends and other ordinary income it receives every month. Capital gains, both short- and long-term, and unrealized appreciation cannot be distributed.

Is the income I receive taxable?
Yes. The income received is taxable to the income beneficiary as ordinary income. A pooled income fund cannot own tax-free municipal bonds. Each year in early March, you will receive a Form K-1 that will give you the information you need for your tax return.

Can I switch between the “income” and “income with growth” objectives or transfer my contribution to another pooled income fund?
No. Once you have selected an objective and made your contribution, your decision is irrevocable.

Can I make grants to charities out of my pooled income fund account?
No. Grants can only be made after the death of the last income beneficiary.

Can I add to my account and will that affect my income?
Yes. You can make additional contributions of at least $5,000 in cash or marketable securities at any time. Your income will increase proportionately with every donation.