Investment objectives

At the time of your contribution, you may recommend that it be invested in one of two investment objectives. Because your gift to Raymond James Pooled Income Fund is irrevocable, the objective you choose cannot be changed once your contribution is made.

Income – Seeks income and the preservation of capital. Growth of capital may or may not be sought and, if it is, will always be secondary.

Income with some growth – Seeks to emphasize income and the preservation of capital over the growth of capital. Yet growth will be an ever present, albeit secondary, consideration.

For the Raymond James Pooled Income Funds, the board of directors has identified a diverse selection of mutual funds from among those funds receiving a “Highly Recommended” rating by the Raymond James & Associates Mutual Fund Research department or otherwise used in discretionary portfolios.

Choosing appropriate mutual funds is only part of the process. The board must also continually monitor the funds as part of its fiduciary responsibility. Its main priority is consistent performance over the long term. There is no assurance that this goal will be met.

The board has appointed Raymond James Trust, N.A. to serve as trustee and safeguard the assets of the Raymond James Pooled Income Funds.