Frequently asked questions

What is a donor advised fund and how does it work?
Click here to view our DAF brochure for a complete description of donor advised funds and how they operate.

May I recommend grants from the fund in lieu of completing a pledge that I have made?
No. The fund will not be bound by such a pre-existing pledge. Also, the fund may not make grants to provide a private benefit, pay dues or membership fees, purchase tickets to a benefit or purchase goods at a charitable auction. Grants may not be used for lobbying, political contributions or political campaigns.

May I recommend that the fund make grants to any charity of my choice?
Yes, provided it's a public charity qualified under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service tax code.

May I change my mind about my investment approach at a later date?
Yes. Donors have the ability to recommend transfers of their account from one investment option to another four times per year, subject to the approval of the board of directors.

May I recommend grants from the fund to a private non-operating foundation?
No. Internal Revenue Service rules specifically forbid such grants.

May the fund purchase life insurance on a donor’s life?
No. Such an investment by the fund is not permitted.

If I put money into the fund, may I take it out later?
No. All gifts made to the Charitable Endowment Fund are irrevocable.