Investment objectives

Assets contributed to Raymond James Charitable are invested tax free. At the time of your contribution, you may recommend that your contribution be invested in any of six investment objectives:

Money market – Seeks the preservation of capital and the production of income exclusively through investment in a money market fund investing in the highest quality, very short-term debt instruments.

Income – Seeks income and the preservation of capital. Growth of capital may or may not be sought and will always be secondary.

Income with some growth – Seeks to emphasize income and the preservation of capital over the growth of capital. Growth will be an ever present, but secondary, consideration.

Balanced – Seeks to balance the production of income, preservation of capital and growth of capital.

Growth with some income – Seeks to emphasize the growth of capital over the production of income.

Growth – Seeks long-term capital appreciation. Income may or may not be sought and will always be secondary.

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Balanced – Seeks long-term capital appreciation with strong growth potential through investments with best-in-class environmental, social and governance practices.

In addition to these investment objectives, accounts with market values of at least $500,000 may also use privately managed portfolios, such as Eagle Asset Management or Raymond James Consulting Services.